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Fire Damage Cleanup Escondido

People who live in Escondido, California are used to warm, dry, summery weather. With this type of climate comes the forest fires we are used to seeing all over the news. A fire that hits closer to home, both literally and figuratively, is a more urgent disaster for the individual. Home fires leave a scar […]

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What Comes Next? Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Steps

No one ever expects to have a fire in your house. But actually, in your lifetime, your family has a one in four chance of having a home fire large enough to be reported to a fire department. Cleaning up after a fire is a much different process than a regular weekend ‘tidy up.’ You […]

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Four Fire Damage Myths Debunked

House fires are one of the scariest possibilities every homeowner must face. Along with the danger of the fire itself, however, the fire damage restoration process can be dangerous as well. Understanding the real facts about fire damage restoration will keep you safer and lead to your home being restored sooner. Below are four common […]