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Mold can seriously damage a home a commercial property if it is not taken care of quickly and the right way. JNT Restoration is experienced and highly qualified to perform in-depth mold inspections and to clean and restore properties damaged by mold with the most up-to-date mold removal techniques and equipment in the industry. Whether you have found mold in a single room or throughout an entire structure, you can rest easy knowing that the JNT Restoration professionals are there for you.

Expert Mold Removal Services

Mold removal and cleanup is a big job! Many people think that a small amount of mold on the ceiling in the bathroom or on a window sill can be scrubbed off with bleach and the problem contained. However, surface mold is generally only the visible part of a much bigger problem.

Mold grows in humid spots and it grows fast. A small mold problem can quickly turn into a major structural problem if it is not taken care of quickly and the right way. When it comes to mold removal – you want to contact a qualified and certified mold remediation company that was contractors and technicians that understand how to identify the source of mold and how to eradicate it so that it does not continue to spread to different areas.

When mold becomes airborne it can cause serious health problems to infants, senior citizens, and people with respiratory ailments. This is just one reason not to procrastinate when it comes to getting a mold inspection done to your home or business.

In southern California, JNT Restoration is certified and insured to help identify and remove mold in the San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties. Our company works hard to maintain the qualifications and education that we have so that our work is always done right the first time.

If you spot areas of mold in your attic, basement, bathroom, or any part of your property, do not wait to contact us! We want to help you take care of the problem and restore your home to the healthy, safe, and clean environment that you want it to be.

Call JNT Restoration today for high-quality mold inspections and mold remediation. We offer both residential and commercial mold removal services and are proud to serve the beautiful southern California area.

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