Water Damage Cleanup: What To Do And What Not To Do

water damage cleanup san marcos, water damage cleanup san marcos californiaWhen it comes to water damage cleanup, there are just about as many things that you shouldn’t do as you should. It can end up costing you more money when a water disaster is cleaned up the wrong way. To keep a disaster like that from happening to you, we at JNT Restoration in the San Marcos area suggest the following “Do’s” and “Do Not’s” of water damage cleanup.

Do- Stop The Flow Of Water As Soon As Possible

This is your first priority for obvious reasons. Whatever you can do to stop or at least impede the flow of water into your home will pay off large dividends of time and expense in the future. Even if the flow of water seems small, it can build up over time so you should make it a priority even to stop seemingly insignificant flows of water.

Do- Contact The Professionals

This is the most important thing you can do after a flood. The water damage cleanup process can be lengthy, stressful, and dangerous. It is one of the last things that you want to take on yourself. A certified, professional restoration company such as we at JNT Restoration will be able to handle all the dirty work for you and allow you to not have your life taken over by the stress of water damage cleanup.

Do- Utilize A Sump Pump

While airing out the home as much as possible is important, certain areas of your home where there is a lot of water will need a lot more than just ventilation. That is why having a sump pump on hand is one of the best ways to be prepared for a flood. You can purchase a quality sump pump for just a couple hundred dollars at your local department store. A sump pump will go a long way towards getting all the excess flood water pumped out of your home.

Don’t- Enter A Flooded Area Without Turning Off The Electricity

If your electricity is still on and you step into a flooded area you could be putting yourself at serious risk of electrocuting yourself. It simply isn’t worth the risk. Make sure all your electricity is turned off before stepping back into your home after a flood.

Don’t- Attempt To Clean Up Contaminated Water Or Sewage

Oftentimes floodwater carries harmful bacteria and microbes with it. Sometimes this is obvious and you can even see the sewage in it. However, sometimes you can’t see it with the naked eye at all. That’s why it’s important to be very careful cleaning up floodwater since it could make you sick.

Now that you know what to do and what not do after a flood, you can move forward with confidence if you do ever find your home affected by flooding. This is especially important since the aftermath of a flood can be incredibly stressful and difficult to deal with. Knowing what you need to do to mitigate flood damage will allow you to deal with all the stressful aftermath of a water with much more ease. For any questions you have and professional restoration help, don’t hesitate to contact us at JNT Restoration in San Marcos.