Mitigating and Preventing Water Damage in San Diego County

Water Damage San Diego County, Water Damage Cleanup San Diego CountyBelow are a few of the ways we at JNT Restoration in San Diego County recommend you can use to mitigate and prevent water damage to your home.

Watch your water bill closely

Keeping a close eye on your water bill is an easy way to prevent major losses from unknown leaks in your property. Anyone can do this. Just keep a close eye on how much you are spending for water each month and if the bill seems unnaturally high immediately call in a plumber to help you assess where the leak might be and fix the problem.

Move Valuables to High Ground

Some areas are obviously much more susceptible to flooding than others. If you live in one of these areas and know that a flood is likely to occur to you at some point, you would be wise to move your valuable up to the high part of your home when they are less likely to be affected by any floodwater. This would include any expensive electronics you have that would be totally fried if caught in a flood. This is simply preventative and will save you a lot of trouble if your home does flood.

Inventory Your Possessions                           

Taking an inventory of all the valuable things you own, will save you a ton of time in the long run. It will also make dealing with your insurance company a lot easier since all the work has already been done to document and make an accounting for your possessions. It doesn’t have to be overly detailed or anything. Just an inventory list of pictures and any other pertinent information would work great.

Have a Sump Pump On-Hand

Having a quality sump pump ready to operate is one of the best ways for you to mitigate the resulting damage from a flood.  A sump pump pumps any standing, excess water out of your home that was still there from the flood. This is important because the more standing water and the longer it sits there, the greater the damage that will be done to your home.

Check and Clean your Water Gutters-

No one wants to do this. It’s not a fun job, but it’s an important thing to do to keep your home safe from potential water damage. The more consistently and thoroughly this job is done the easier it will get. It’s recommended to do this a couple times a year to keep junk from piling up in your gutters and blocking the flow of water. It’s not glorious, but if always done, this one simple task would end up preventing a lot of cases of water damage.

After all these steps have been taken, if you still suffer from the effects of water damage, JNT Restoration in the San Diego County area is here for you for any of your water damage restoration needs. We have expert technicians on hand 24/7 ready to respond without delay. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can help you restore your home if a disaster occurs.